Raw Material

Raw Materials


Schleisner is a leading importer of steels in a wide variety of thicknesses.
The following is part of the raw materials the company has in stock.
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Low-carbon steels RST37.2/S235JR, ST52.3/S355J0/S355JR:

Steels with a low percent of carbon.

Suitable for standard metal works and structures.

Carbon steel: (1040-1045) CK45

Construction steel containing a relatively high percentage of carbon.

Suitable for machine parts and gears.

Boiler steel H-II, A516-GR70

Steel suitable for extreme temperatures used for the production of boilers and boiler caps.

A516-GR70 – is suitable for boilers that are operated at low and medium temperatures.

H2 – suitable for medium and high temperatures.

Steel Alloys 25CrMo4, SAE4130:

Super strong thermally treated steels.

Suitable for machine parts and structures.

S355J2W, INDATEN (Similar to Corten)

Steel with a slow corrosion rate, low alloy and high strength requiring minimal maintenance.

Used for decorative plating, monuments and representative structures, sculpting, street signs, and more.

Wear resistant steels - Creusabro 4800, Creusabro 8000, Creusabro M (mangan):

High resistant steel, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, and with an especially small influence of the material’s characteristics in the weld area.

These steels are characterized by the balance between their wear and ability to absorb energy, which creates resistance against abrasions, deformations, etc. Due to these qualities, they are suitable for high-wear conditions, such as mines and quarries, blades in mechanical and engineering equipment, agricultural machinery (such as tractor buckets), trommels, civilian and structural engineering, cement factories, etc. The magnesium steel (Creusabro M) is highly resistant to wear due to impact.

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Wear resistant steel – RELIA 400 RELIA 450 RELIA 500

Unique steels with high resistance against wear with 400, 450, and 500 Brinell resistance.

Used for road works, truck bodies, quarries, mines and more.

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Triten 200X

Steel plated with hard material that is highly wear resistant in wear, smoothness, and flow.

Used in industries, such as glass, cement, wood, and sewing factories, as well as carbon energy plants and more.

Stainless steel

Steel with a high level of resistance against corrosion.

The different types of stainless steels are suitable for various corrosive environments.

We have in stock: S.S.304L, S.S.310 (suitable for high temperatures), S.S.316L, 3Cr12

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