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Artist Andrei Komnin was born in Moscow in 1961 to engineer metals and dancer. He continued the family tradition, he studied mechanical engineering and metallurgy profession. In 1987 he began working to create a warm iron. Working with hot material is a dance he dances. Hammering, bending, noise and voices coal stove iron that gets hot and cooling are the sounds by which he moves and works. When the sculptures are the product of a joint dance. Andre moved to Israel in 1992 and here he lives and works.
The works of Andre Komnin presented in Russia, France, Czech Republic, Israel Beit Ariela in Tel Aviv – a permanent exhibition in the library of Dance. Statue was placed in 1999 “grasshopper” Gate Theater “Globe” in London and received a certificate of merit by the royal family. Traditional techniques of hand work of the artist meets industrial technology innovative flame and plasma cutting, welding and connecting different metals and iron combined wood, stone and glass is the creator of many dances. Iron alive, changing, growing old and died but the fire under the hand of the artist is returned to life and dancing.

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